As part of their #SuperBreakfast campaign, the Rezidor hotel group tasked Skript with coming up with a concept to promote their breakfast offering. This campaign rolled out across all their hotel chains and for Park Inn, we got to play with something fun! Known for its colourful, accessible tone and image, Park Inn was a perfect opportunity to make a humorous video featuring Guy, the self-described "Best chef in the world". Filmed in a "mockumentary" style, we were able to showcase the fantastic breakfast that the campaign promoted while having a great deal of fun in the process. The result was a hugely successful campaign that gets the message across that breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day!

Director: Dirk Hanekom (@iamzirkie)
Cinematography: Dirk Hanekom (@iamzirkie) / Rob Wahl (@rob_wahl_)
Editors: Dirk Hanekom
Producer: Dirk Hanekom (@iamzirkie)


Within the Rezidor hotel group, The Radisson Blu brand is known for it's tasteful, elegant en premium offering. So where we got to explore humour and colour with the Park Inn #SuperBreakfast campaign, we chose to focus on a more emotional storyline for Radisson Blu. The concept was to showcase three individual narratives, based on the standard Radisson Blu guest, that all tell their own story while also weaving together to convey a singular message. That a great stay, and a great story, always start with a great breakfast!

Director: Alain Lotriet (@alain_lotriet) / Dirk Hanekom (@iamzirkie)
Cinematography: Alain Lotriet 
Editors: Alain Lotriet 
Animation: Rob Wahl (@rob_wahl_)
Producer: Dirk Hanekom (@iamzirkie)