Meet Our Crew

At Skript, we pride ourselves on having a hands-on approach to everything we do. Our diverse stable of creators and directors specialise in different fields, but all share a passion for film making and narrative storytelling. From conception through to execution, we have the right talent to realise and refine any creative vision.

Dirk Hanekom

director / producer

Coming from a content creation and editing background, Dirk knows what it really takes to make a production happen. He believes that blue skies and budgets aren’t mutually exclusive, and thrives on overcoming whatever challenge the brief and scope of a project might present. He has a passion for working with people, and capturing the essence of a personal story.

Alain Lotriet

director / cinematographer

Studying formal narrative and creative storytelling, Alain spent time learning the rules, as well as when to break them. A young filmmaker with a wealth of experience, he’s directed everything from major campaign TVC’s to smaller intimate projects. With a strong focus on the language of cinematography as well as a meticulous eye for detail, he’s a creative powerhouse when it comes to making a meaningful impression on any audience.

Amber van Wyk

editor / producer

Having been involved in the arts from the age of 8 Amber has found her niche in creative content work through editing. She has always been passionate about storytelling and feels that editing is where she can do it best. Along with her hunger to create, and being Skript's newest member,  she is growing her skill set to not only be just a good editor, but to also become a powerful storyteller.

Bernard de Clerk

director / md

Bernard is the founder and MD of Skript, and also one of our most skilled directors. Coming from a creative agency background, he specialises in the big idea, the big concept, and the eventual big payoff. His background as an extremely talented stills photographer gives him an incredible sense of narrative composition, and he has true a gift for capturing the most important moment of every story we tell.

Rob Wahl

animator / editor

Rob is the resident animation and VFX guru at Skript. He’s a very skilled creator all round, but if you had to ask him, he’d say he prefers a bird’s eye view. That’s because he has an abiding love for all things aviation, and so it’s no surprise that he has a soft spot for working with aerial photography, landscapes and anything that lets him get out into nature

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