OTG stands for "On The Go", and their garments are inspired by everyday women, from run to studio, to the mom on-the-move. OTG is all about designing apparel which promotes confidence, drives trendiness and ensures ultimate performance, comfortability, and functionality that keeps you striving to move better, feel better and live better! We had to keep all of the above in mind when filming their social media and in-store content for the launch of their latest range of apparel. 


Director: Bernard de Clerk / Alain Lotriet
Cinematography: Alain Lotriet

Executive Producer: Bernard de Clerk 

Photography: Bernard de Clerk
Editor: Alain Lotriet


Like you saw above, OTG is an exciting women's activewear brand from the Performance Brands stable. Skript has been responsible for the majority of OTG's social media assets in 2018. The featured campaign consists of a series of videos (and photography)  highlighting OTG's latest running attire. This shoot was a complete blast, with all the elements coming together to make a fantastic end product. Needless to say, we definitely got in our ten thousand steps for the day...

Director: Alain Lotriet (@alain_lotriet)
Cinematography: Alain Lotriet / Rob Wahl (@rob_wahl_)
Editor: Alain Lotriet