Getting to make your first music video is always a milestone for any person or company that makes videos. Getting to make your first music video for the biggest Afrikaans band in the country is just on a whole other level. Die Heuwels Fantasties have been friends of Skript for a while and getting the opportunity to go from fans to collaborators was something we just couldn't pass up. So we headed off with the band for a single weekend where we filmed the entire thing. We were also lucky enough to have JR join us on location, so it was definitely a case of feeling like Rockstars! We got even luckier when the Vleesbaai Line Dancing association showed up at our location due to a double booking and agreed on the spot to be part of our video. It turned a great project into something really special, and we couldn't be happier with the final result!

Director: Dirk Hanekom (@iamzirkie) / Bernard de Clerk (@thebernard)
Cinematography: Dirk Hanekom / Bernard de Clerk
Editors: Dirk Hanekom
Producer: Bernard de Clerk
Production: Dirk Hanekom
Music: Die Heuwels fantasties (@dieheuwelsfantasties)


Skript teamed up with Cape Brewing Co. and produced all the video content for their "B Independent" campaign. CBC has always been independent, and through this campaign, they wanted to showcase that spirit of independence, by collaborating with artists and creators that also believe in doing it themselves. We profiled individual creators, artists and musicians, telling their stories and showing how they live independently, every day. The campaign culminated in an original song, performed by established and upcoming South African musicians, for which we produced a music video featuring everyone who played a part in this one of a kind production. 


Director and editor: Rob Wahl (@rob_wahl_)
Cinematography: Rob Wahl / Alain Lotriet (@alain_lotriet)
Soundtrack / Concept: Limbik (@boskasie) / Heuwels Fantasties (@dieheuwelsfantasties) /  boskasie (@boskasie), Spoek Mathambo (@spoekmathambo)
Producer: Bernard de Clerk (@thebernard)