Skript executed an international content-lead social media campaign to promote the Hyatt luxury hotel group's Winter Special. The concept had to resonate with the US market (which is the main feeder market for the participating Hyatt Hotels) and the following local markets: London, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo & Dubai. The Solution:  an influencer driven campaign called #PlacesYouCanExplore.


The campaign was based on the 5 senses, each sense representing a different city and portrayed by a local influencer. Furthermore we identified an US based travel influencer as our main subject and used a combination of video, cinemagraphs and photography to package his interactions with the 5 local influencers.  The content was strategically seeded on owned and paid online media channels to effectively target the main feeder market and the supporting local markets.

Director: Alain Lotriet (@alain_lotriet)
Cinematography: Alain Lotriet, Jacques Koudstaal (@cold5teel)
Photography: Bernard de Clerk (@thebernard)
Editors: Alain Lotriet
Animation: Alain Lotriet


Skript was responsible for helping launch Hyatt's latest hotel in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Our team had to come up with a concept that appealed to couples on a romantic holiday, leisure travellers, business travellers and diplomats who frequently visit Soviet Central Asia. Skript developed 4 intertwining storylines that can act as stand-alone videos too. This approach gave or client a powerful "Hero video" that reflects the campaign as a whole, as well as 4 individual videos that can be used to target the afore mentioned markets through paid media channels.


Director: Rob Wahl (@rob_wahl_), Dirk Hanekom (@iamzirkie)

Cinematography and editing: Rob Wahl, Dirk Hanekom

Animation: Rob Wahl

Producer: Dirk Hanekom