Skript were given the responsibility to create the launch video (and photography assets) for a new restaurant headed up by Michelin Star Chef Rikku O'Donnchu. We have been involved in numerous culinary shoots before but nothing quite like this one! We received a very challenging Art Direction brief from Michelle Marais that forced us to creatively warp our previous perceptions of culinary videos to compliment the creativity Chef Rikku displays with his dishes. The bar was set pretty high and after watching countless episodes of Chef's Table teamed up with Nicol Dippenaar - Director of Photography and a steady pillar in the Skript Preferred Supplier Network. Hope you enjoy the end-result, and remember to book your seat at for an unforgettable culinary experience. 

Cinematography: Nicol Dippenaar (@nicoldippenaar), Dirk Hanekom (@iamzirkie), Alain Lotriet (@alain_lotriet)
Editor: Alain Lotriet
Animation: Rob Wahl (@rob_wahl_), Alain Lotriet
Producer: Bernard de Clerk
Production: Dirk Hanekom