Brief Extraction Form

Welcome to our brief extraction form. The following questions will give us a better understanding of your requirements and the insights we need to help you create the best possible content assets.

1. What will the video campaign be called?

2. Where will the campaign be displayed?

3. What assets/deliverables are required for this project?

4. If videos are going to be used on Social Media Platforms, which platforms will be utilised? requirements)

This will give us an indication of the video size specifications & length

5. Number of videos required (Sum Total):

6. Do you have any reference videos/photos?

This will give us a better indication of the look/feel you would like to achieve. Please copy any relevant reference URL(s) below or email any other reference material to

7. Will your video(s) require on-set audio recording?

This answer refers to on-set audio e.g. talent talking to each other.

8. Will your video(s) require a voice over recording?

Voice overs are recorded in studio at our premises and requires a Voice Over Artist.

9. Will your video(s) require any models/talent?

10. Should you require models, please specify model requirements below:

11. Will your video(s) require a script?

Script writing will be charged according to length op script(s).

12. How long will the campaign be live?

This will help us determine usage rights should talent/voice over artists be used.

13. Where will the campaign be shot?

This will help us determine whether we need to book a specific location like a studio, house, stadium etc.

14. When is the campaign's LIVE date?

This will help us compile a project timeline. 

15. Do you have a set video production budget? If yes, pleas enter the budget below:

 This will help us shape our quote according to your restrictions.